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About smiely

Smiely's an emerging film producer who has a burning passion for storytelling, celebrating and highlighting diversity, sustainability and wellbeing.

Over the last few years, she's been a hustling entrepreneur, running her own photography and videography business, capturing everything from weddings, families, grad, business events, and more. Her work was inspired from the day she picked up a camera, and began experimenting with the art of freezing time.


Studying Motion Picture Arts at Capilano University, this is when she discovered her love for the business of filmmaking. Over three years, Smiely sharpened her skills as a student producer, and introduced something no one had ever talked about in the classrooms: sustainable production.

Taking a step away from ​freelancing and finishing school, Smiely is now working in the film industry alongside many experts to further promote sustainable production, and develop her skills as an upcoming producer. She is named Reel Green Ambassador by Creative BC, is actively on set and in office meeting and discussing important topics for the future of filmmaking, has given keynote presentations at her university and is working to bring new sustainable methods into higher-ed classrooms.

Asides from film, Smiely also has a huge love for promoting sustainable living, quite often preaching about self-care and wellness. She runs a blog where she writes about topics she's interested in, sharing messages and starting conversations about mental health, our lifestyle and wellbeing. Her Instagram is another place where she often shares her daily thoughts on life.

When she's not working, you can find her outdoors hiking and biking, at a cafe reading a good book and/or journalling, exploring and planning trips, trying a new plant-based recipe, listening to podcasts, and taking photos of everything. She cherishes good conversations, quality time with friends and family and overall being creative. Connect with her through any of her social media or the contact button below to get in touch and say hi!