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Are you Born Ready?

The time gaps between my blog posts should be unacceptable! But I'm still here and alive! :) Workin' away!

A couple months ago, I had the opportunity to photograph an up and coming clothing brand, named "The Born Ready Brand" founded by Lunkulu Luntadila. I was contacted by Lunkulu in December and he and I talked about his vision. It was a super busy month as I was already entirely booked with film, school and work, but we found a date that worked for both of us and scheduled the photo shoot! So glad I did!

There was just one problem. It was raining almost every single day of the month. It made things a little challenging as we were hoping for sunshine and shooting outdoors. However, we didn't want to put off the shoot either!

But welcome to Raincover, right? We decided to embrace it! The models were fabulous and braved through this cold and wet day. We went to Lonsdale in North Vancouver and found some beautiful locations. (Did you see the palm trees??) The day went so much better than I imagined! I was super happy with the results and it was so great meeting all these amazing and beautiful people! Glad I got to be apart of TBRB's first photo session and I can't wait to see them grow! Keep scrolling to see more photos from the shoot!!

To learn more about the brand, you can check them out on their website and their instagram. Make sure to follow me on Instagram as well to stay up to date with my sessions and stories!

All the models with TBRB founder, Lunkulu!

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