• Smiely Khurana

A Traditional Engagement

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of documenting a very special day in two people's lives and their families. Two people exchanged rings, symbolizing not only this couple coming together, but two families joining.

This was my second time shooting a traditional Indian engagement ceremony and it was amazing. Not only do I love trying new things and learning about new traditions and cultures, I LOVE witnessing pure love.

The day started with prayers and hymns, setting a peaceful and joyful tone for the rest of the festivities. Followed by the groom's family arriving and being welcomed by the bride's family. It was beautiful getting to witness and capture this. I personally have never attended or been apart of an event like this, so I found it all very intriguing. It's so fascinating.

I'm always trying to better my craft. I feel blessed to have the opportunities to document such special milestones for others and also grow myself. Thank you Manraj and Parm, for choosing me to capture your engagement and trusting me with your special day.


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