• Smiely Khurana

How 2020 is Affecting Social Media Influencers

With the pandemic leading hundreds of thousands of people to be at home, now more than ever people are tuned in on social media connecting and engaging with people all around the globe. I've personally taken advantage of my free time to chat and engage with folks via video chat and social media. For the first time in our generation, the entire world was going through the same thing, including your favourite personalities and influencers.

The concept of "influencer" was introduced back in the mid 1600s, with royals portraying their lifestyles and trends. However in our digital age, this concept is now reached by more people than ever. The growth of influencers rose and many brands and businesses began marketing their products and services through micro and macro influencers, targeting the trusted audiences and fanbases.

A large portion of these influencers are actors and artists in the entertainment industry. For example, Andy Magro, well known Hollywood actor is also a large influencer and has talked about producers and casting directors taking his large follower count in account when casting, as the entire industry is built on publicity and people. This is applying to a lot of other influencers as well. People are building careers and getting signed by studios and executives, based off their success on platforms such as Tik Tok and Youtube, regardless of having no prior professional experience in the industry. If we're talking about the future of the film and entertainment industry, it seems to be opening doors for a lot more people from non-film backgrounds or connections to get a shot in the business, simply through getting the attention of millions of people through their original, creative content.

Social media platforms have never been more important than now. Among the world pandemic, we are also experiencing the generation's largest civil rights movement for Black Lives Matter. People around the world are coming together to take part in challenges, spread news and connect, all because of our access to social media. People are looking up to their favourite celebrities and influencers for inspiration on what to do, who to support and where to focus your attention. Social media has become integrated in majority of the world's population, allowing people to connect and chat no matter where you are residing, to build a career through social media, educate and access resources for all ages and subjects, promote your business and brand, and more. Marketing plans for many brands and businesses have been evaluated, rewritten, and/or improved, leaving many current influencers affected as the future of social media changes.

Regardless of how social media influencers worked in the past, with the new year and decade that has included many world-affecting events, the future of the internet and social media is moving in a new direction. Rather than celebrating celebrities and their lavish homes and lifestyles, people are taking leadership in showing real life events and issues through the power of social media. With apps like Tik Tok and Instagram, normal, every day folks are showcasing creative talents and important information reaching global audiences and creating history. This new decade is creating paths for new influencers and is bringing together the world like never before.

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