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How Social Media Can Influence Your Day

Did you know that the accounts you follow on social media can influence your day, mindset, productivity, mental health and overall attitude for the rest of the day?

Now normally, the first thing people do when they wake up is check their phone. You or I scroll through our Facebook and Instagram. We "double tap" on posts, maybe comment on a few, check to see if we have any messages, and then we get out of bed and go about our day.

If you're the above person, then I'm glad you're here, because you aren't alone!

One time, I attended an event focusing on personal growth and one of the panelists mentioned that the best way to start your day is actually not checking your phone first thing. Wake up, do your morning routine, have a good breakfast, then start your day. Set your own tone, distraction free, and you also then don't accidentally waste an hour scrolling mindlessly on social.

Now that's some pretty good advice. Something I aspire to follow, one day! But I'm guilty of being the person that checks their phone before they go to sleep and first thing when they wake up.

Whether you just look at memes, get some news on the awful things happening in the world, or see updates on what your friends or families were up to recently... or all three... the content you feed your mind will most likely influence and set the tone for the rest of the day.

Now let's think psychologically.

When you're experiencing a specific feeling/mood, you start to resonate with posts that exemplify similar vibes. For example... you're feeling happy and in love and romantic... so now gushy, cute quotes and posts start catching your eye. Suddenly you're imagining yourself in dreamy scenarios either through reading love poems, or seeing #couplegoals in your feed.

Same goes for when you're feeling sad or lonely. Suddenly everything you read or see about sadness, loneliness, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, fear, etc start to stand out. It feels like it's speaking to you and someone else has done a better job describing how you're feeling. You just dwell into these feelings even more. (Guilty lol)

Now if you can relate to the above and feel like you sometimes connect to those posts... then what if you follow accounts that motivate you? Inspire you? Educate you? Bring you joy?

That's a total d'oh thing to say, but hear me out.

Real talk... I unfollowed a lot of people on Instagram, not because they did anything wrong, but because they simply didn't bring me any joy anymore. I felt these accounts didn't push me to be the best version of myself. Or these accounts simply didn't exemplify similar values or goals I had. The idea of "gossip", "drama" and "flaunting" for me is toxic and I rather avoid it. I choose not to follow accounts that mirror these.

Instead, I follow accounts that inspire me, teach me, and of course the people I want to support. I've recently started practicing yoga and working out so I started following accounts that are teaching and inspiring to do the same. I've been more interested in learning about the environment and how I can reduce my carbon footprint, so I follow accounts focused on educating you on that. My career is film, so recently I searched up hashtags on Instagram relating to my job, such as #womeninfilm or #indiefilm , and I've just opened my eyes to a whole world of filmmakers, specifically women such as myself, pursuing similar careers. Seeing this content makes me nothing short of inspired!!

I also love following accounts and people that I want to support or inspire me to live the life of my dreams. Manifesting your reality can start anywhere from the content you feed your mind on these social apps. Seeing the people I look up to crushing it in the world only motivates me more to chase after my dreams and hustle harder to make a difference.

You can apply this to yourself too! Follow accounts or hashtags that you are interested in or bring you joy. It can be anything from healthy eating and meal plans, to travel accounts, to photography (narrowing down to what kind of genre specifically), to influencers/bloggers/artists/musicians/etc, basically anyone that you think is super cool and adds some kind of value to your life, whether that's through inspiring, motivating, teaching, or just bringing you happiness.

So if you're like me, and the first thing you do when you wake up is checking your phone and social media... then you're at least feeding yourself content that will inspire you to get up and have an awesome day.

I have so many favourite accounts, each specifically focusing on a different interest, such as food inspiration, film favourites, inspiration and education on the human mind, fitness, and more. I'd love to do another blog post featuring all the accounts I'm currently loving and recommend following for daily inspiration and joy! If you're interested in learning about these accounts, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my blog so you don't miss out when it's published!

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