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Simple Self Care Practices

Welcome back you wonderful human beans!

I hope you all are having a great start to summer 2019!

For those of you that have been following me on social media and read my blog posts, know I don't hesitate when sharing about my life: the good and the bad. This past year has definitely been a journey of learning for me, as I'm sure many of you are also experiencing the same. After publishing my last post, I received so many responses... people telling me their personal struggles and appreciation for the fact that we were able to start a conversation.

The past month, I decided to prioritize myself, my health, and my life. I stopped doing the things that didn't bring me joy, and began to exercise daily self-care practices, implementing these routines and ideas into my daily life. In just a month, I feel stronger, more clear-minded, and most importantly, a much happier individual.

Now we all have bad days. We need the bad days to be able to recognize and value the bright and happy days. But, I kid you not, I feel a tremendous improvement in the way I think and deal with situations now. If I encounter a bad scenario, I stop and reflect. Before blaming myself for being the problem, or pointing fingers at someone else, I ask myself what and why did this happen and what can I learn from it.

I'm here to share with you some of the daily practices I have been doing to improve my physical, mental and emotional health. I'm nowhere near perfect or where I want to be, but I am so happy to say I've embraced a new lifestyle. And I can only hope that you are able to take away at least one thing from this post and implement it into your own life.

If you do any of the following, be sure to let me know how it went for you! Connect with me via social media or email and get in touch!






display or show (a quality or feeling) by one's acts or appearance; demonstrate.

Manifesting your reality is like talking to yourself as if you already are where you want to be.

- Come up with a goal that you have and keep the end results in mind. How good will it feel when you've reached your goal?

- Believe that your dreams will come true. Talk about it, think about it, and feel good about it!

- Be conscious of your energy. Being positive and putting in the energy to making this goal happen can heavily influence your daily actions.

But also be careful about what goals you are "manifesting" and avoiding the mistake of putting yourself in scenarios that you shouldn't be in. For example: "I am rich" and blowing all of your money is not a healthy nor sustainable action/goal. But instead: "I will get that promotion" and working towards that goal each and every day.


I can't stress this enough. Being outdoors and surrounded by nature will improve your mental and emotional health, but also taking advantage of the trails, hikes, bike routes and endless opportunities to get your body moving! And you don't even have to pay for most of these!

I've made it a goal of mine to go on one hike a week, to bike more instead of driving or taking transit, and also just exploring my backyard more. Just going outside for a walk can improve your day and mind. It also gives you a chance to reflect on the beautiful life you are so blessed to be living.

If you'd like a blog post going into detail of the activities you can partake in out in nature for your physical and mental health, let me know below!


Another activity I try to do on a daily basis, or at least a few times a week is journaling and reflecting. It's a therapeutic way to let go of any thoughts clouding your mind, to reflect on the actions and situations you are dealing with, give you a more clear understanding of what you are doing and lets you put your goals down on paper, so you can hold yourself accountable.

I've been journalling since I was 10 years old. Sometimes you have a lot on your mind, but you don't know how to talk about it or who to talk about it with. Letting your pen take the lead and writing out all those thoughts can help you clear negativity and control your thoughts. It also is helpful when you are trying to manifest goals, so you can work towards achieving those goals.


In our day and age of everything being online, the average person tends to spend over four hours on their phone. Limiting some screen time and spending more time reading books is another goal I've been working on. I personally love reading books on self-growth, human psychology and philosophy. However, if novels are your go-to, or non-fiction books, knock yourselves out! Putting the phone away for even thirty minutes a day will not only limit your distractions and procrastination, but you'll get to immerse yourself in a new story, learn a new thing or two, and have some important me-time with your book, instead of your hundreds of followers.

If you'd like a seperate blog post going into current books I'm reading or my suggestions, let me know below! Let's all share ideas!


This practice took me years to learn and understand. Don't feel like you need to perfect it right away. However, recognizing and being open to understanding the idea behind this is super important.

We humans only have so much energy to offer in a day. That energy is divided and used towards our work, our family, ourselves, and all the people we encounter in our life. Instead of spreading yourself so thin and only being able to give so much energy to every single person, limiting who you are offering your time and energy to will bring a drastic change in your life. Not only are you now offering more energy to those that you love, but you aren't draining yourself the same way.

How I like to look at it is, if someone doesn't bring value to my life, nor am I bringing much value to their life and I don't see them in the future I am manifesting, then I don't need to be keeping in touch with that person. Same thing goes for social media.

When we wake up, I, like most people, check my social media first thing in the morning. Over the last year and bit, I have changed my outlook and decided who I want to be following and whose posts I want to be seeing every day. People that bring value to my life, people that are currently living the kind of life I also want to be working towards, and accounts that are constantly inspiring, educating, and opening my mind.

If anyone's interested in a blog post going into what accounts I follow and suggest, that could be another blog idea! Let me know if that's something you want to read!


You guys... this one has changed the game for me. Each day, I try to stretch, practice some yoga and end it off with meditating, spending at least 30 minutes. I take out my yoga mat, light a candle, put on a cool playlist and totally just get right into it. Make sure you are in a calm environment and are able to unplug from technology and any distractions to maximise the peaceful effects of this practice. You don't need to be a professional to be able to do yoga at home. Simply search up some tutorials to get yourself started and then just go with the flow.

Seriously guys... I now look forward to rolling out my mat each night, as it's my favourite way to wind down from the day.


The summer season means a lot more produce in season! This is one of my favourites when considering self care practices, as I find cooking very stress-relieving. I'm plant based, so I love going online and finding fun plant-based recipes and trying them out at home. Cooking with family and friends is always nice too so you can bond over a meal, plus you are consuming yummy, healthy food!

My best tip for drinking water is to keep a dedicated water bottle near you all the time, and making sure you a drinking water throughout the day. Cut down your intake of pop and juice. You can always slice some lemon and throw it in your water to give it some flavour.

Figure out what works best for you and create a plan! If you'd like me to write a seperate blog post focusing on healthy meals, my favourite recipes, tips and tricks, etc, definitely let me know below and make sure you subscribe to my blog!

(Pictured: My Zucchini Base Lasagna- vegetarian and keto friendly)


I love this one! This goal goes hand in hand with "Following People: in Real Life and Social Media". Spending time, talking to and learning with people that are sharing similar goals to you, align with your values, and help you learn new perspectives is healthy for you, your mind and your growth. Going out to events, meeting new people that are doing similar things as you is a great way to meet more people.


This one goes beyond just adding new self-care practices. It's changing some habits you've formed over time that you'd like to improve or work on. If you've been staying up super late and not getting enough sleep, trying changing your sleeping habits and night time routines. If you eat out a lot because it's "easier", try creating meal plans and cooking meals ahead of time so you can save money and eat healthier.

Some of my personal habits I'm working on is drinking less coffee and cutting out the wine. I am a huge lover of coffee, I normally couldn't go a day without it, but now I've been only having it once a week when I'm out with a friend, because my daily routine and self-care practices are giving me the same energy and fuel I used to rely on coffee for.

When you're in university, nights out on the town with your friends was almost a weekly thing. However, this summer I realized you can still have the same amount of fun and enjoy life without having to be intoxicated. To help with my new goal of not drinking, I just change my priorities. I no longer feel the need to go out and "party" and put myself in situations where the norm is getting intoxicated to have fun. I may be a grandma for my age, but I much rather be home on a Saturday night, curled up with a good book, or good tv show or my journal. Or I invite my friend over and we have fun doing activities like painting or cooking or board games.

Changing habits isn't just about cutting things out or waking up as a totally new person. It's about reevaluating your priorities and values. What once may have been on the top of your list, could now be at the bottom because you found new values or priorities. That is totally normal and healthy as you grow and develop into the person you want to become.


Like any other goal, I believe this one is just as important. Writing down your goals is equally as important as tracking your progress so you can see how far you've come. Either writing down what you've been doing or documenting it through photos. This not only motivates you to keep going, but can be a great way to inspire others to do the same!

I myself have been documenting my self-care practices through photos and posting them on my Instagram Stories. I made a highlight button on my feed called "Wellness" where I've been saving these posts, all relating to eating healthy, getting outdoors, connecting and practicing yoga. I love looking back on these and seeing how far I've come to changing my lifestyle.

There you go!! Those are my 10 Self Care Practices that I recommend implementing into your daily life. But growth is a process, so don't feel like you need to nail all 10 goals and perfect them right away. Trust me, I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but I'm working on it slowly and each day feels like a blessing.

If you enjoyed reading this, or are planning on following one of them, let me know so I can cheer you on! If you'd like me to write more on a specific goal, such as my take on healthy meals, outdoor activities, books I recommend/am reading, etc, I would love to know your thoughts! Simply send me an email, connect with me on Instagram, or comment down below! Subscribe to my blog so you never miss a post!

Thanks for reading!!! Till next time!

- Smiely

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