• Smiely Khurana

Sunflowers & Sunshine

Happy August!

Summer has been flying by. The sun is shining, bees are buzzing, and birds are chirping. This summer has been full of adventure, exploration, and living my best life. I got to travel, work, see my friends, turn a year older and just take the most out of each day.

However, lately I've been feeling the opposite of all that I listed above. I've been feeling unmotivated, uninspired, tired and bored. I think this is because I started my summer with such a bang, and suddenly I had nothing left to look forward to.

But I got a text from my friend Reagan, one of my favourite human beans, asking me if I wanted to go explore this sunflower field with her.

Um... duh.

I had so much fun. I really needed this. It made me realize I was taking the beautiful, sunny days for granted, because rain season is upon us, and it's all we're going to get for the rest of the year. I also haven't taken photos just for fun, in so long. This was such a great way to get my creative juices flowing again! And can we talk about how beautiful this gal is!

I hope you take advantage of the sunny days too. Go on adventures, find new places, take photos, and make the best of this month. Sending all the positive vibes for the month of August. Have the best month ever!




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