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Tulips... Lots and lots of Tulips

Omg!! First blog post!!

Thanks for clicking on my article, I appreciate it so much! I'm so excited to share all my experiences and advice with you through the way I express myself best; videos, photos and text! Since I'm from Abbotsford, my first post has to be about the most popular spring activity in the area: The Abbotsford Tulip Festival!

I wish I knew how many acres of tulips there were, because let me tell ya... there were a LOT. The rows and rows of beautiful and colourful tulips made for some great photo opportunities for locals and tourists alike! Knowing me of course, there had to be an epic cinematic video shot as well haha! I left the link to the video at the end of this post! :)

My friend Siena and I got up nice and early (not really) to visit the fields on a weekday to avoid traffic, and we are so glad we did! Having it rain the night before (what a surprise), things got a bit muddy, so RIP shoes. But definitely so worth it!! Great thing we live in Abbotsford and the festival was only a 10 minute drive away! ;)

We definitely lucked out with the weather!! The sun was shining, it was warm, and everybody was smiling, while walking through rows of endless tulips. Siena and I assumed we’d only be there for an hour at the most, but one hour turned into several when we got really into filming the perfect shots. What else happens when two photographers go together lol! Once we were somewhat satisfied, we decided to grab lunch and went for sushi at one of my favourite restaurants in Abbotsford: Dake Sushi on Clearbook Road. I definitely recommend checking them out because their price for their all-you-can-eat and DELICIOUS food will blow you away.

It was amazing seeing so many local visitors as well as out of town residents enjoying the scenic views! We headed back after lunch to meet up with my friends Kat and PJ who came all the way from Surrey and North Vancouver to check out the festival! It was a great day overall. :)

Photo credits: @katscinema ^

Living in Vancouver for a year, there have been times when I felt like we Abbotsfordians have nothing to offer, but damn, am I wrong! My goal is to definitely try out some new things around town and see all that Abbotsford has to offer! I will most definitely blog about it, so keep an eye out for more adventures!

In the meantime, enjoy some more photos and the video I have made from the tulip festival! The tulip festival is on till May 14th, so if you haven't checked it out yet, I highly encourage you go! Visit their site for more information at abbotsfordtulipfestival.ca

Check out my video!!:




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